How to trace someone's IP just by sending them links to click

Hey guys, whatsup I am himanshu here and today i am gonna show you how you can trace anybodys ip just by sending them the links so lets get started.
If you have ripped or messed up with a person then as everybody knows ip plays an important role you can do so many penetration testing and hacking on the ip
Ip is the identification of person like if you know its ip then in hackers world you know all its biodata thats it!!

Step 1:goto ,don't worry it is a https site so its safe
So after going to you will see a page like this
Note:android users should use chrome and enable desktop mode for more friendly interface

Step 2 :Now click on url shortener a new page will open

Step 3:Now copy the link of any website or image which looks interesting and atteractive(like if the victim loves money then you can copy the link of any money making post) and then paste that link in the url shortener box and then click on shorten

Step 4: A new page will be shown as below
Now click on whe box (click to create) infront of the google url shortener
Now a link will be generated now click on copy and the link will be copied

Step 5:Now comes the part of social enggineering send the link using whatsapp sms or email (anything the victim checks daily) and create a message with a good description

Now there is a 90% of chance that the person you targeted will click on the link
Step 6:Now just relax check if the message is read and after some time (1~2 hrs) click on logged ips' now check if the ip is showing or not if not then the victim doesn't clicked on that link so just wait and refresh

Step 7:If you got an ip logged just copy it and search ip lookup or ip location on google and click the first link and then paste the copied IP address to its search box to and click on IP lookup

Now it will display the information of the victim. It will show its location and the telecom operator he is using now if the person has ripped you or done an illegal activity the handover it to the police they will track him down and catch soon.
Thats it.

Tip:To avoid our ip leak to wrong hands always use a good vpn


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