How to start reading a book a day!

Here is the solution to the biggest problem of Life!

Long story short: When I bought a lot of self-help books and was procrastinating to read them then somebody told me about this book called The Alchemist!. I thought that it would be another book which will be lying in my shelf but still, I had the courage and money to buy it. After some time I wondered that what book contents may be so, I started reading its first page and it turned out to be quite interesting. Then, for the first time, I read the ten pages of any book. Actually, it has captured my attention by the fascinating story of a boy who can go up to how much limits to achieve his dreams. It's a life-changing story that has a life-changing impact on my life If you are reading for the first time then this is your chance just buy it and see how your life would also change and please let me know after you read the book.
Just start reading this book called The Alchemist!!
books change lives and have an answer to all of your problems!
If you’ve completed this book then I will recommend you this second life-changing book called Seven habits of highly effective people
as simple as its title seems the book is made for billionaires.
What are you still doing here just creating a list of best books?
just go Ahead and read it Right now!
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