Nobody knows These top secret 5 ways can get you a ton of money online

Nobody knows These top secret 5 ways can get you a ton of money online.

Today the rate of unemployment is killing. But over the time people think that they need a job to get money, But there are many ways that nobody is discussing that can generate a decent income (1000$ per day) so, Let's get into it.
1.Day Trading
This is also known as Intraday trading. In this, the buying and selling of shares are done within one day. You can literally double your money in one day with a little knowledge of share market but as always it involves equal risk of getting your money lost. But Proper study of the field and practice before entering can minimize your risk of losing money.
2. YouTube
Most of the people Know About youtube but they Don’t take it seriously. This is 2019 and Technology is touching new heights and with that, the market capital (money invested in the field) also increased. You can get a ton of audience waiting for you on youtube just pick a trending topic and make A properly edited video. I can guarantee you success if you have genuine content and also a little marketing required. If you keep posting videos consistently then you are gonna get recognition. For your information, Mr. Beast (A Famous Youtuber) has only 1000 subscribers for Almost two years. So don't give keep trying.
3.Affiliate Marketing
Maybe you knew about it and also you have tried and failed it. But let me tell you that a man in united stated became a millionaire just by doing affiliate marketing. For those who don't know: Affiliate marketing is a program by many online product selling websites. They give you a special link for your account. if people buy from the link that you have generated then you get a commission over the sale. for ex:- You recommended a friend a DSLR camera worth 50000 rs And told him to buy using your link then after his purchase you will get a whopping 4% commission over it. That means you will get 2000 rs on a single purchase. Amazon affiliate network is best in my opinion just go and sign up. If you can promote digital products then the ClickBank affiliate program is also great. For more information on its search on youtube.
4. Sell A Digital Product
Create a digital product and Sell it online. You can see a lot of people search for tutorials like makeup or programming and how to get peace of mind you can create a course or write an ebook about your niche and list down the thing on an online selling platform like Amazon,udemy. With the online selling services like instamojo, It has become easy to sell online so go and create your own digital product.
5. Sell actual products on Amazon and Flipkart
Selling online requires nothing just go to the merchant site and register yourself but you will require a little investment for buying products from your supplier and then the courier charges. with that being done you can sell as many products as you want and earn a huge profit from it. It is nothing more than a piece of cake you can start doing it right now
Look I have already told you enough to make decent money online but what requires to earn money online is potential and desire to do. if you are consistent in hard times and don't give up then nobody is gonna stop you from making a ton of money. That is what makes difference from people who want to make money online and the people who are actually making.
If you have any questing regarding any query please Let me Know. I Will be willing to answer your question. Besides,
Thank you for reading!!❤️❤️


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